Thursday 25 May, 2017

Power Cable Products

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POWER CORD Select type Length Quantity Quote
IEC 2.5A Cords  
NEMA 7A Cords  
NEMA 10A Cords  
IEC 10A Cords  
NEMA 13A Cords  
IEC 13A Cords  
NEMA 15A Cords  
IEC 15A Cords  
NEMA 20A Cords  
IEC 20A Cords  
Angled Cords  
International Cords  
Colored Cords  
Shielded Cords  
Hospital Grade Cords  
Universal Jack Cords  

One end Un-terminated ROJ cords:
May be ordered in any length over 6 inches and less than 10 feet. Jacket and Conductors can be stripped to any length. State desired specs in the instructions field during checkout. This is a Final Sale item and cannot be returned or exchanged.

ROJ Cords