Friday 28 April, 2017


QuickPinch Label Machine
  • Unlimited Uses

What is QuickPinch™ ?

Tired of twist ties or difficult to use color coded cable wraps that are hard to use and leave no clue to the identity of the cable?

You don't need a color chart, you need QuickPinch™.

QuickPinch™ is the revolutionary Cable Labeling and Management product with unprecedented ease-of-use that allows you to easily label and organize all of your cables. QuickPinch's patent-pending design eliminates the awkward wrapping motion of competing products, and can be used time and time again.

Unlimited Uses

QuickPinch Product Uses
  • PS2/Xbox/GameCube
  • PC's & Notebooks
  • MP3 and CD Players
  • RCA cables
  • PDA's
  • Video/Optical cables
  • Cellular Phones
  • AC adaptor cables
  • Digital Cameras
  • Extension cords