Monday 01 May, 2017

Vertical Cable Managers

Spec Sheet: Vertical Cable Manager

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Our Horizontal and Vertical RackOrganizer® System manages all your cables on 19” or 23” equipment racks and cabinets (front and back) without using ANY valuable rack space.

Product Features:
  • A'n D Vertical Cable Managers (VCM) are ideal for new or retrofit installations.
  • Our Vertical Cable Managers fit all racks using standard rack screw-hole patterns enabling custom high density installations.
  • Simply combine 2 or more Vertical Cable Managers for full size cabinets.
  • 83-VCM8-22U-04-F
    22RU Vertical Wide Cabinet Manager, 3.8" deep, Black, 4" Standoff
    (for wider cabinets), with 10 OneWrap 5/8" x 12" cable management straps.

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     83-VCM8-22U-04-F   $60.00 

    22RU Vertical Cable Manager, 3.8" deep,
    Black, with 10 OneWrap 5/8" x 12" cable management straps.

     Item #   Price    Qty   Purchase 
     83-VCM8-22U-F1   $60.00 

    11RU Vertical Cable Manager, 3.5" deep,
    Black, with (10) OneWrap 5/8 x 12" cable
    management straps.

     Item #   Price    Qty   Purchase 
     83-VCM8-11U-F1   $43.20