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Environmental & Physical

Security Monitoring 

For Hybrid Cloud & Enterprise Data Center Infrastructure


A’n D Cable Products Inc. and Archimedes Controls Corp. want to help you physically secure your cloud data center infrastructure whether it is in hyper-scale or in edges, whether it’s in Co-Locations or in IT facilities. 

The Archimedes Controls A150 Infrastructure Management and Security Monitoring System & Service was designed for CIOs to help monitor and manage critical assets in your Cloud Data Centers, Enterprise Edge and Hyper-Scale Data Centers. 

What We Do

We provide an infrastructural and environmental monitoring, management and control services system. Our solution can address all markets including hybrid cloud and hybrid IT both in the US and your total global footprint. 

We create huge opportunities for users from small businesses to commercial enterprises: Our solution provides a better way to secure and manage critical assets for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses, Managed Service Providers, Colocation / Multi-tenant providers etc. 

We provide a quick and accurate location of faulty devices including root cause and impact analysis. 

This allows operators, IT security and FM managers to provide consistency, security and compliance requirements with full control and visibility across the entire hybrid cloud and IT infrastructure covering your global presence under one system. 

Value Proposition

 The A150 system is a complete solution for data center monitoring and management that provides insights and control features to save time, save money and reduce risk— all within a singular, intuitive platform. 

There is no need to buy costly add-on modules, which increases your total cost of ownership and slows your ROI. Simply count the number of floor-mounted assets (FMAs*) and install the solution to benefit from the following features: 

Visualization ( 3D) 

  • Asset Management 

  • Custom reporting and dashboards 

  • Integrated rack building tools 

  • Capacity planning 

  • Environmental monitoring and control 

  • Physical and Virtual Machine monitoring 

  • Change/workflow management 

  • Multitenancy 

How We Do It

We provide the A150 end-to-end solution starting with our sensor technology communicating to our controllers which in turn sends real time data to our ARCOS™ Management software suite. 

It starts at the cabinet/shelf/server level viewing for complete environmental transparency, visibility and control to your business CIOs, government regulators, and IT teams. 

We enable all this for security assurance and down time prevention. 

The Big Picture

 Mission critical data to any business must be in a trusted cloud regardless if it is a public cloud, a private cloud, in co-lo/ carrier, hotels or with hybrid IT infrastructures. High availability and 5 9’s reliability is a key. 

Allow visibility and status of all equipment in your data centers including the unmanned remote edges that are equally important in order to provide total cyber security and prevention of potential disasters and intrusions. 


Customer-centric data center management and control 

Distributed server farms 

Hyper-scale cloud and IT infrastructure 

Un-manned remote IT closets and micro data centers 

Bundled with asset management for enterprise CIO’s, IT and Facility managers 

24 x 7 x 365 real time monitoring and control 

Industrial monitoring and controls 

Archimedes A150 System & Services

A150 Product Examples

Probes & Sensors

  • Temperature and humidity 

  • Water leak detection rope of 10 ft, 50 ft or 100 ft in length 

  • Airflow speed for HVAC 

  • Access probe for rack and cabinet door open/close status 

  • Flammable gases of H2, LPG, CH4, CO, propane 

  • Differential airflow pressure with temperature 

  • Airborne particle counts and air quality PM1.0, PM2.5 and PM10 

  • Tamper (vibration, shake, tilt, move, etc.) detection 

  • IP security camera support 

Key Differentiation

  • A fully integrated solution under one global accessible cloud platform ARCOS™ includes 3rd party devices 

  • All monitoring IoT devices are on a separate network for extra protection 

  • Cloud server(s) can be strategically located anywhere in the world for data security and protection 

  • 10-year battery powered wireless sensors for reliable operation 

  • All wireless sensors are connected via a mesh network for redundancy 

  • Customized features and support 

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