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Smart optimization can help you increase rack space and realize significant equipment cost savings - here’s how you do it!

Saving Space Optimizing Rack Configuration

A conventional two-rack configuration consists of one rack used for horizontal cross connects and the other primarily used as a network rack, housing the switch and power source. In this configuration, 71RU is used between two racks to provide 480 ports, leaving 19RU of available rack space.

In this configuration, 71RU is used between two racks to provide 480 ports, leaving 19RU of available rack space.

After optimization, only 49RU is occupied.

Optimizing Rack Space Comparison.jpg


Having seen the concept in general terms, let’s apply equipment costs to show you how much you can save on your

refit or next installation of a typical 2 rack system.

Rack Refits

After removing (10) 2RU horizontal managers and replacing each with a “ZeroU” RackOrganizer® you have freed up 20RU space in this rack or cabinet.


Your cost for the (10) “ZeroU” RackOrganizers® is $211.00.


You have now freed up enough space on this rack for another 432 ports.


Install your next (9) 2RU patch panels and (10) “ZeroU” RackOrganizers® in this same rack.


By spending $422.00 you have eliminated the need for a $1600.00 to $3000.00 cabinet for your next system. You have also gained the footprint of a rack in your datacenter because you now are occupying only 3 racks instead of 4.


Repeat this process a few more times and you can see the savings stack up!


Take it one step further and replace bulky space hogging vertical cable managers with 4” wide vertical managers and now you are able to place more racks in a row. You will have created an organized and efficient cable management system which contributes to a positive ISO audit.

New Installations

More space recovered using HD patch panels (1U) and 28- AWG (skinny) patch cords.


Using 28-AWG patch cabling, which are 36% skinnier, increases rack utilization and opens more available space in the same rack layout. 28-AWG cabling allows you to use high density patch panels - 48 ports in 1RU rather than occupying 2RU - thereby cutting in half the RU space needed for patch panels.


So 18RU, rather than 36RU, are occupied for 864 ports. This same rack using 28AWG patch cords and A’n D Cable “ZeroU” RackOrganizers® with 1RU 48 port patch panels will hold another 864 ports.

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Every 4 systems now require only 5 cabinets or racks instead of 8!

Note: Patch cord considerations when using 28-AWG cords.

TIA-568-C specifies a maximum 100-meter length channel for copper cabling, which comprises 90 meters of permanent link cabling (typically solid cable) and a total of 10 meters of patch cabling. If you use 28-AWG patch cabling, you must adhere to a de-rating factor that reduces the maximum channel length achievable.

  • If your goal is to maintain the 90-meter permanent link, a total of 6 meters of 28-AWG patch cord can be used, for a 96-meter channel length.

  • If your goal is to maintain 10 meters of total patch length, then the maximum permanentlink length must be adjusted to 83 meters, for a maximum channel length of 93 meters.

RackOrganizer features:

  • A'n D Cable's “ZeroU” RackOrganizer® mounts in the same U space as the active device so it does not use ANY extra rack space. 

  • Our RackOrganizer® is designed to be mounted up or down, depending on the port access desired by the technician.

  • Our RackOrganizer® comes in 5 depths measured from the mounting rail - 2.8" depth, 3.8", infinitely adjustable depths from 5" to 9", 10" and 12" deep.

Louis Chompff, Owner

My first job in Telecommunications was with the U.S. Marine Corps in Vietnam. I then worked at Pacific Bell where I spent 20 years in a variety of data management positions that ranged from service, product development, sales, and management. I invented ET-Lock ™ while at Pacific Bell and received my first U.S. patent on the product. Unitag™ Cable Identification and the ZeroU Cable Manager line of products were later innovations.

The ET-Lock™ and Unitag® Cable Identification that were the foundation upon which A’n D Cable Products was established in 1989. He added other innovative cable labeling and cable management products including ZeroU Horizontal Rack Managers and Vertical Rack Managers. 

The “A” is named after his son, Alex, and “D” after his daughter, Dana.

About A`n D Cable Products

Products are manufactured in the USA and off-shore and are distributed worldwide through channel partners such as Black Box, Anixter, Rackmount Solutions and other resellers.

Our Cable Management products, Fiber Optic and Copper Datacenter cables are used by companies like Workday, Fujitsu America, Oracle and the Armed Forces.


A’n D Cable is a Velcro Brand®, Data Center Power Cables and Cable Tie distributor.

A’n D Cable is a minority, Vietnam era Veteran owned small business enterprise.

Our primary objective is to provide the highest quality, personalized service to our customers in a constructive, cost efficient and timely manner. Our service philosophy is apparent through the common courtesies we show our customers.